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As a rapidly developing country, the UAE experienced extraordinary economic growth and with that came the increased demand for energy and resources. Since the WWF Living Planet Report 2006, the UAE has been ranked with one of the highest per capita Ecological Footprints in the world.

To address this, in 2007 the unique public-private partnership of the Ministry of Environment and Water, Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi, Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, EWS-WWF and the Global Footprint Network launched the UAE Ecological Footprint Initiative. This made the UAE the third country in the world, after Japan and Switzerland, to embark on such in-depth research to understand and manage its footprint.

What We're Doing

The UAE Lighting Standard has been realized in December 2013. The UAE Lighting Standard prevents low-quality indoor light bulbs from entering the market, and instead ensures that light bulbs available are energy-efficient, high quality, safe, have limited hazardous chemicals and can be safely disposed of.

Read more about the standard and the benefits it will bring.

Next Steps

The next phase of the initiative was launched in 2012 and is focusing on developing science-based environmental policies to help reduce the UAE’s carbon dioxide emissions and per capita ecological footprint by:
  • Conducting a socio-economic assessment of the policies outlined in the scenario model created in Phase 1, targeting the energy and water sector of the UAE;
  • Verifying the UAE’s Ecological Footprint and communicating the results to policymakers.

Click here to learn more about the Ecological Footprint.


  • Paola Ferreira

    Conservation and Climate Director

    WWF United Arab Emirates Project Office,

The Ecological Footprint measures a nation’s impact on Earth to highlight whether a country and its people are living within the limits of our one planet. It is calculated by comparing consumption of natural resources with nature’s ability to renew those resources.

    • Ministry of Environment and Water
    • Environment Agency Abu Dhabi
    • Global Footprint Network
    • Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology (ESMA)