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How you can help

Green turtle hatchlings
© WWF-Malaysia / Mazidi Abd Ghani

Adopt a turtle here corporate sponsorship opportunity

We all have a role in protecting green turtles. Nesting season (April-July) is a critical time when turtles are at their most vulnerable; venturing into shallow waters and then onto beaches to lay their eggs. If you come across turtles while on a beach or out in a boat, we have a few top tips on how to avoid disturbing them:
  • DO keep your distance if you see any turtles on a beach, and don’t shine any light on them, as this irritates them
  • DO take your rubbish/ trash with you when you leave the beach, as turtles sometimes mistake trash for food (jellyfish)
  • DO make sure you are extra vigilant when riding jet skis or boats during these months, as turtles swim in shallow waters, making them vulnerable to being hit
  • DON'T drive on sandy beaches, which could crush turtle eggs and scare turtles away

Become a Green Turtle Sponsor

Protecting our marine biodiversity is at the core of EWS-WWF’s mission. Why? Healthy wildlife populations mean ecosystems thrive. By combating threats like habitat loss and overuse of natural resources, EWS-WWF creates a better future for green turtles every day.

By working with private and public sector partners, we can show it’s possible to balance environmental and human needs, and that strong growth can happen while simultaneously halting and reversing damage to the marine environment.

EWS-WWF is offering a unique partnership opportunity for organisations interested in supporting as sponsors. It’s a great oppotuntiy to become part of sustainable solutions in the UAE, and gain recognition for your commitment in addition to providing critical funding, you will have access to a unique series of communication and engagement benefits, exclusively designed around our marine conservation programme. Click HERE for detail.