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Gulf Green Turtle Project

Green Turtle
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The groundbreaking scientific research component, under the project name “Gulf Green Turtle Project”, commenced in May 2016 with fieldwork off the coast of Abu Dhabi with our project partners Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi. Later this year it will extend to various turtle nesting and foraging sites across the region.  

Over the course of the next four years our marine experts will gather scientific data on green turtle migration and mating patterns in order to identify critical marine habitats in need of protecting. The research includes tagging green turtles with satellite transmitters in various nesting and foraging sites across the region, obtaining small tissue samples (DNA) from the turtles which will then be analysed to detect linkages between feeding and nesting populations; and finally, performing a laparoscopy* on adult-sized turtles to provide ground breaking data on population connectivity important for the conservation of green turtle populations in the long-term.

Click here to track the turtles and find out where the turtles have traveled so far. 

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Catch a glimpse of our 2016 Abu Dhabi research trip:

© Louise Adamson / EWS-WWF © Louise Adamson / EWS-WWF © Louise Adamson / EWS-WWF © Louise Adamson / EWS-WWF
  • Strategic Partners:
    MoCCaE (Ministry of Climate Change and Environment)

    EAD (Environmental Agency – Abu Dhabi)

    EPDA (Environment Protection and Development Authority – Ras Al Khaimah)

    MECA (Ministry for Environment and Climate Affairs – Oman)

    Research Partners:

    ESO (Environmental Society of Oman)

    Scientific Advisor:
    MRF (Marine Research Foundation)