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EWS-WWF Annual Report 2014

Posted on 28 December 2015
Dragonfly in Wadi Wurayah
© Maral_Chreiki
2014 was a great year for EWS-WWF.

We wrapped up our 3-year Marine Turtle Conservation Project, which gave us data from 75 satellite-tracked hawksbill turtles, allowing us to gain an important picture of turtle movements in the Gulf. We celebrated the UAE Lighting Standard, which will bring great environmental and financial savings to the country. We also set our eyes to the future, and carefully started restructuring and revising our five-year strategy to ensure maximum conservation impact.

We did more with less. Although our income dropped in 2014, we still increased our conservation spend by 6% in order to successfully meet all our conservation goals.
Dragonfly in Wadi Wurayah
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