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2015 highlights

In 2015, EWS-WWF undertook a strategic review of our organisation and through this we identified a clear direction forwards. This culminated in the creation of the EWS-WWF Strategy 2015-2020, which outlines our areas of priority and ambitious goals for conservation in the coming years.

None of the achievements would be possible without our partners. We want to take this opportunity to thank our partners – partnerships are integral to achieving our mission and by working together, our work is resulting in a greater impact.

In 2015...

  • Numerous successful partnerships with leading institutions in the UAE to make progress on and raise awareness of key issues such as climate change.
  • The publication of data and reports, such as the report to promote the expansion of efficiency measures in offices, which provide sound evidence for policy makers. 
  • Science based conservation data which provides the foundations for future policy making, as in the case of Important Turtle Areas (ITAs) for Hawksbill turtles. 
  • Our success in engaging local airlines to help tackle illegal wildlife trafficking and trade
  • Welcoming the 500th volunteer through the Water Research and Learning Centre at Wadi Wurayah.

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