Yas Mall partners with Emirates Wildlife Society-WWF to launch new environmentally-friendly initiatives in 2018 | WWF

Yas Mall partners with Emirates Wildlife Society-WWF to launch new environmentally-friendly initiatives in 2018

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08 January 2018

Abu Dhabi, 08 January 2018: Yas Mall – the largest mall in Abu Dhabi – has partnered with the Emirates Wildlife Society in association with the WWF (EWS-WWF), to launch a series of green initiatives as part of its efforts to protect the environment. Yas Mall will contribute AED 200,000 towards a first-of-its-kind environment endowment fund, a joint collaboration between the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy (MBRGCEC) and EWS-WWF, to support scientific research. Additionally, Yas Mall will also be offering gift cards made exclusively from biodegradable material – a first for a mall in the UAE – as well as eco-friendly jute shopping bags which will be available from February onwards.
Our planet and humanity are at critical cross roads – our demand has increased so greatly that we would need 1.5 earths to sustain it, and if no action is taken, we will soon require 2 earths well before 2050. Yas Mall and EWS-WWF have joined together to raise awareness about the value of nature so that it is reflected in decisions made by individuals, communities and businesses. Being environmentally responsible is not difficult to achieve, there are so many ways to take responsibility for our everyday habits by making small practical changes that will truly make a meaningful difference to our environment and economy in the long-run.
EWS-WWF is a non-profit organisation driving positive change to conserve the natural heritage of the UAE. Their vision is to build a sustainable UAE where our economy, society and the environment can thrive side by side, ultimately enabling people to live in harmony with nature. Yas Mall’s AED 200,000 contribution will support the EWS-WWF’s mission to achieve science-based solutions that combat climate change and safeguard the seas, land and biodiversity that lives within it.
Yas Mall is the first mall in the UAE to offer gift cards made exclusively from biodegradable material. This aligns Yas Mall with socially responsible malls around the world. Starting February, Yas Mall will also offer reasonably priced, eco-friendly Al Jute bags at the customer service desks, with all contributions going towards helping the environment through EWS-WWF’s programmes. Yas Mall will also be working with other Yas Island partners to further their environment friendly initiatives and awareness generating programs in 2018.
Shatha Al Romaithy, Marketing Manager of Yas Mall, commented, “Since our establishment, Yas Mall has been committed to sustainability. We are the largest active retail development in UAE to achieve an Estidama 2 Pearl Rating from the Department of Municipality Affairs reflecting the mall’s high-quality design, sustainability and functionality. We have also recently launched our Green Tenant Award, which seeks to educate our retailers about waste efficiently and reward the most environmentally friendly outlets. We are very pleased to now contribute AED 200,000 to the environment endowment fund which will support the UAE’s natural heritage. As a sign of our commitment to this great cause, we are extremely proud to be the first mall in the UAE to offer gift cards made from biodegradable material and will soon provide eco-friendly bags. We look forward to working with EWS-WWF and to continuing to find ways to operate in the most sustainable way.”
Abdulla Al Nuaimi, Business Development & Marketing Director of EWS – WWF, commented, “EWS-WWF cannot achieve its goals alone. Partnerships are absolutely essential for driving change at the scale needed. We are delighted to have Yas Mall on board as a new partner, and Mohammed bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Fund’s continuous support. We have started the year together launching key environmental initiatives across the mall which we hope will mobilize the UAE community to become aware of the value of our natural heritage and the steps they can take to conserve and use it sustainably. We welcome 2018, the Year of Zayed, with open arms.”
These recent green initiatives come in addition to Yas Mall’s continual approach to sustainability which includes the annual participation at Earth Hour and, of note, Yas Mall was also the first mall in Abu Dhabi to have electric car charging stations.