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UAE Trail Blazing Towards Sustainability Vision 2021 With Emirates Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT)

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26 January 2017

  • The first-ever EV road trip launches in the Middle East
  • A fleet of electric cars will descend upon the UAE’s roads for a four-day tour, signaling a drive towards a sustainable energy future
  • The grand finale event will take place at The Sustainable City with Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF (EWS-WWF) providing a keynote speech focused on the exciting future of sustainable transport in the UAE.

Global Electric Vehicle Road Trip (Global EVRT) makes its way to the UAE for the first time, launching the Emirates Electric Vehicle Road Trip (Emirates EVRT) in January 2017, with the aim to drive electric vehicle adoption and accelerate the transition towards a sustainable low-carbon future.

A convoy of over 10 electric vehicles will set out on a 700 km long road trip through all seven Emirates of the UAE and the programme includes a keynote plenary from Dr Deepti Mittal, Emirates Wildlife Society-WWF’s Project Manager – Footprint, Climate and Energy, at the Emirates EVRT Conference – The Sustainable City Dubai on the 1st of February.

The Emirates EVRT shares elements of the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda, which focuses on improving quality of air, preserving water resources, increasing the contribution of clean energy, and implementing green growth plans in the UAE by 2021.

Tesla Model X and Model S’s, and other electric vehicles such as the Renault Zoe and a Volkswagen Retrofitted Electric Car, will transport 40 individuals around the UAE, unveiling new charging stations in Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Abu Dhabi. The road trip starts in Dubai and ends at the Sustainable City in Dubai, visiting all seven Emirates to promote electric vehicles and sustainable living.

Commenting on the upcoming trip, Ben Pullen, Founder and Managing Director of Global EVRT says, “We are excited to finally bring the EVRT to the Emirates. The UAE is a perfect place for this type of event as the government has taken effective steps towards a vision for the future of sustainable energy and transportation. It’s a pleasure to be working with EWS–WWF for the very first time who support the initiative and its sustainability goals. We also support EWS-WWF’s initiatives as we believe they will enable and empower people to develop new beliefs around sustainability and climate change.”

“An important step in addressing climate change is reducing consumption of fossil fuels, of which road transport is currently heavily reliant. The UAE is one of the fastest growing vehicle markets in the world and if we want to reduce carbon emissions and improve local air quality, we need to move towards electrification of transport. The uptake of electric cars requires the government, private sector and public to work together to provide the right infrastructure and market signals”, explains Dr Deepti Mittal, EWS-WWF’s Project Manager-– Footprint, Climate and Energy.

“EWS-WWF supports the move towards electric vehicles – and EVRT’s efforts to promote them – while emphasising the need to produce electricity from renewables. Only with power from renewable resources, can we realize the full benefits of electric vehicles”, continued Dr. Mittal

The Emirates EVRT takes place in the UAE from Sunday 29th January - Wednesday 1st February 2017 and the public can join the journey along the way by attending a number of events, including Gala Dinner Evenings, unique EV ‘Experiences’, an EV Conference with guest speakers, unveiling of new charging stations, and opportunities to meet the road trip participants and Emirates EVRT experts, and an EV Parade at the Grand Finale Event at the Sustainable City.

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