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UAE Ratifies Landmark Global Climate Agreement

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21 September 2016

•    The UAE is the only GCC country to have ratified the Paris Agreement.
•    High hopes for global climate deal’s early entry into force before the end of the year – according to UN.

Dubai, UAE – 22 September, 2016 – Yesterday, during the High-Level Event for the Entry into Force of the Paris Agreement in New York, the UAE became the first and only country in the GCC to ratify the Paris Agreement. Over 20 countries in total formally bound their governments to the historic agreement yesterday, raising hopes for its early entry into force, in 2016.
In an unprecedented show of political will, more than 175 countries signed the agreement in April 2016. So far, 60 countries, representing just 48 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions have ratified the agreement. To enter into force, it must be ratified by at least 55 countries representing at least 55 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.
Commenting on the UAE’s ratification, Ida Tillisch, Director-General of the Emirates Wildlife Society-WWF said: “We welcome the leadership shown by the UAE government in ratifying the Paris Agreement yesterday in New York. The UAE is the first country in the Middle East to take this step. We hope this inspires other countries in the region to follow suit as every effort must be made to ensure the Paris Agreement comes into force as soon as possible. While certain consequences of climate change are now irreversible, they are not unstoppable. Urgent and accelerated implementation of the Paris climate deal is necessary in order to prevent the worst impacts of climate change globally and locally.”
Tanzeed Alam, Climate and Energy Director, Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF (EWS-WWF) stated: “This is an important milestone but it is just the start and we need to see all countries ramping up their level of ambition urgently because the current level of pledges are insufficient to limit warming to 1.5 degrees as required by the Paris Agreement.”
Alam continued: “Unabated climate change will result in substantial impacts on our food, energy and water supplies. We want to see a strong ‘UAE National Climate Change Plan’ which includes ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as measures to adapt to these impacts. In other words, the UAE’s global commitments needs to be translated into local actions such as more renewable energy on the ground, energy-efficient buildings across the UAE and fuel efficient vehicles widely available.”
Alam further added: “We believe that the implementation of ambitious measures in the UAE to comply with the Paris Agreement will create new economic sectors, drive innovation and job creation, while diversifying the economy away from oil, all in alignment with UAE Vision 2021.”