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Adopt A Turtle

By purchasing a symbolic adoption pack, you will be aiding the Marine Turtle Conservation Project in achieving its mission to understand more about the migratory paths and important feeding grounds the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle uses in the region, which in turn will highlight key areas in need of conservation and protection.

Each turtle adoption pack includes a cuddly soft toy turtle called Nadia, a sticker, photo card with turtle facts, a brochure about the three-year programme and an adoption certificate.

Find out how you can get a Turtle Adoption Pack.

Turtle Adoption Pack

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Volunteer with us

Are you looking to volunteer for EWS-WWF or lend your professional skills to us for in-kind support?
Then you’ve come to the right place!

We initiated the volunteering programme in 2009, and the resulting support was surprisingly and pleasantly overwhelming! Our volunteers come from different backgrounds, and have diverse skillsets, inclinations and interests. They have been instrumental in helping us fulfill our mission and vision, and are an integral and invaluable part of our support network.

Fill out the survey!
To become a EWS-WWF volunteer, all you need to do is fill out this survey to help us to get to know you and your skills better. Then, we will contact you when an volunteering opportunity rises that matches your skillset.

Common volunteering activities include:
  • Assistance in event coordination
  • Clean up campaigns in environmentally sensitive habitats
  • Graphic Design
  • Translation
  • Event photography

Be "Powerwise" and "Waterwise"

Our partners at the Regulation & Supervision Bureau (RSB) developed these great games for you to be more aware about the energy and water usage in your home, and how you can reduce it! 

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