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Local Actions for Global Challenges

The 2nd EWS-WWF Marine Conservation Forum took place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from the 14th until the 16th of December 2010.
In September 2006, EWS-WWF hosted its first Marine Conservation Forum in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It was at this Forum that delegates from across the region and abroad focused on collaborating efforts for the conservation of marine turtles and coral reefs.

The 2nd Marine Conservation Forum held in December 2010 once again helped bring together representatives from governments, private sector, NGO’s, biologists and specialists to evaluate not only the state of our shared marine environment but to work towards common solutions for habitat and species conservation.

The coastal and offshore waters of the Gulf support rich and diverse populations of marine species such as marine turtles, coral reefs and fish fauna. These species and their shared habitats are part of the unique cultural heritage of the Arabian Peninsula and bring economic value and pride to the people of the Gulf.
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The Marine Conservation Forum 2010 focused on the theme of ‘Local Actions for Global Challenges’, taking into consideration the number of threats and issues facing the Gulf’s waters.

The Forum was broken down into 4 sections:
  1. Local actions: case studies from across the region
  2. Global challenges: linking these case studies and others to the global picture, showcasing projects, networks and partnerships that are making this link and including climate change and other issues that are more than just a regional concern
  3. The path to improved governance: facilitated break-out sessions
  4. Bringing it all together
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The Marine Conservation Forum 2010 covered the health of our shared marine environment with presentations and discussions on species (such as turtles, sharks, corals), fisheries, climate change and governance.

The goal of this regional meeting was to provide a professional Forum to assist communication lines between the Arabian Gulf and regional States concerning the shared responsibility of conserving the regions unique marine habitats. Emphasis was placed on the management of species and habitats and the need for protected areas, threat assessments, mitigation and collaborative initiatives.

For more details, please download the Proceedings of the 2nd Marine Conservation Forum for the Gulf, available on this page.