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The Project

Heroes of the UAE was a national campaign focusing on energy and water conservation. The campaign was launched in 2009 by EWS-WWF, in partnership with the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD), to help address the country’s high per capita Ecological Footprint and tackle climate change across all sectors of society. 

In May 2010, the Heroes of the UAE Private Sector Programme was launched to motivate and inspire organisations to reduce their energy and water consumption: the main contributors to carbon emissions. This was the first and only voluntary programme in the UAE to have set reduction targets verified by a third party. 

There were other aspects of the campaign that focused more on households and children: Water Heroes and Energy Heroes. These programmes provided resources and tips for households to gauge and lower their consumption at home.

Contact Person:

  • Tamara Withers

    Corporate Sustainability, Senior Manager

    WWF United Arab Emirates,
    WWF UAE / Emirates Wildlife Society

    +971 2 6347117


Supporting the private sector to reduce energy and water consumption in the work place

Developing local case studies to demonstrate the business case for carbon emission reductions

Capturing lessons learned and local barriers to achieving large-scale emission reductions  

Identifying policy recommendations and other solutions to facilitate large scale reductions in energy and water consumption in businesses throughout the UAE

Heroes Business Toolkit

The Heroes Business Toolkit was a comprehensive set of tools to assist organisations in getting started on their journey to sustainability, ranging from guides on how to measure a baseline and craft a strategy to reduce energy and water consumption, to engagement tools for staff. The toolkit had more than 880 downloads by different companies, and due to its success,has been updated and incorporated as a benefit under the EWS-WWF Corporate Membership Programme.

Corporate Heroes Network

Under the Corporate Heroes Network, organisations interested in reducing their energy and water consumption voluntarily committed to the following pledges towards becoming a Verified Corporate Hero:

1. Develop and implement a measurable strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with energy and water consumption by 10% each over 12 continuous months.

2. Document the results achieved in a case study and submit to Heroes of the UAE for verification by a third party auditor: Ernst & Young.

3. Commit to develop and implement a long term strategy for their organisation for carbon footprint reduction

Fifteen organisations joined the network, with half successfully completing their pledges to become Verified Corporate Heroes:



Electricity Reduced (%)

Water Reduced (%)


Liberty Investment



Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi










Crowne Plaza






Service City



On average, each company saved 12% of energy, 35% of water and 16% of carbon emissions over a year-long period.  

Green Makeover competition

The “Green Makeover” competition was launched to demonstrate and measure the impact of implementing energy and water efficiency measures in different companies. Thanks to a grant from Emirates Foundation for Philanthropy, the competition offered the chance to 5 companies to undergo energy and water audit and a retrofit worth up to AED 100,000.
After a competitive process to identify the five companies, EWS-WWF selected Kanoo Group, One to One Hotel, Agility Logistics, Aldar Properties, and Brightpoint Middle East. The companies were selected to represent a variety of business: office space, workers camp, warehouse and hotel.

One to One anticipated a 17% reduction in carbon reduction, and had financial savings totaling 72,000 AED. The Kanoo group also had impressive savings, with a 25% anticipated reduction in carbon footprint and 49,000 AED in financial savings per year.

Partners, Sponsors and Endorsers

  • Partner: Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD)
    Sponsors: Masdar, Emirates Foundation, ADCB, Ernst & Young
    Endorsed by: MOEW, Ministry of Energy, ADWEA