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Emirates-Wildlife Society in association with WWF (EWS-WWF) is the leading Arabian Gulf-based NGO which is committed to helping our society to redefine its relationship with our planet so that people can live in harmony with nature.

We help drive collective action by partnering and connecting policy makers, businesses, government entities, the scientific community, academia, faith organisations, other NGOs and the public. We generate science-based recommendations and co-create innovative, impactful solutions to the local and global threats facing people and the planet including climate change, endangered species and habitats and the unsustainable consumption of the world’s natural resources.

Our work in the UAE currently focuses on driving action on climate change, biodiversity conservation and wildlife trade in addition to environmental education and partnering with the business and government communities to drive sustainable practices.

The challenges we face are challenges for humanity: they strike at the very heart of a sustainable future for us all. The issues are cross-cutting and they need interlinked solutions. But, we believe that, by working together, a future where we live together in harmony with nature is possible.

EWS-WWF is part of the global WWF network, which has a 50+ year heritage in environmental conservation and is supported by more than five million people worldwide.We have been a prominent and active partner in environmental protection in our region for 15 years.

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